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Baptisms/ Christenings

These usually take place on the first and third Sundays of the month. If you would like to discuss how to book a Baptism, please speak to Ann Olney-Smith on 0151 339 1171.

Baptismal Font


Children who have been Baptized are eventually encouraged to make the baptismal promises for themselves, and they do this at CONFIRMATION. At this special service a bishop renews within them the gift of the Holy Spirit they received at their Baptism. Please contact the vicar on 0151 339 9916.



MARRIAGE is the moment when two people ask God to bless their relationship and they commit to one another before God and the community. If you would like to book a wedding at St John’s, please contact the Vicar on 0151 339 9916.

You can also find more information around having a church wedding here.



St John’s offers a place of peace for a FUNERAL; to mourn the loss of your loved one, to give thanks for their life, and to hear the hopeful message of our faith, that the resurrection of Jesus Christ showed that death is not the end. When speaking to your funeral director you will be able to ask for a service at St John’s, or for the Vicar to take a funeral service at a crematorium.

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